A bar and restaurant to make your life easier during the holidays

Holidays are synonymous with rest and relaxation, and you don’t always want to cook. After a day of swimming or sightseeing, you can relax with a superb meal in our restaurant. Located at the heart of the campsite, you can discover new flavours as you taste the Catalan dishes typical of our region. We are open for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and our team is always ready to welcome you with a smile. Enjoy spending precious time with your family, children or friends

Generous cuisine served by our chef

Choose either the dining room or the terrace by the swimming pool, and you can enjoy the wood-fired grills, pizza or local dishes our chef carefully concocts for you. We cook fresh, top-quality food, mainly chosen from local producers and breeders.

Our great speciality is flambadou, a technique used since the Middle Ages. The grilled meat is delicately basted with melted fat from bacon placed inside a heated metal utensil. The juice produced coats the meat and makes it much tastier and more succulent than just a simple grill.

You absolutely must try it!

A bar and snack area where you can relax and enjoy a bite to eat

Come and take a break in the afternoon or evening, and enjoy a drink on our terrace with friends. Exploring our wine list is a pleasure, or you can sip a freshly-made cocktail near the pool. Cold drinks, alcoholic or not, are the perfect accompaniment to a dish of tapas for top-quality appetisers!

If you want to eat on the go, we offer a variety of sandwiches, light snacks and burgers served on-site or to take away. And come and discover our large selection of pizzas: you can enjoy them, for example, on the terrace of your mobile home.

Festive evenings for having fun

Our campsite aims to be friendly, offering terrific holidays! We regularly organise theme nights: musical evenings, karaoke evenings, paella evenings, mussels and fries evenings and so on to please both adults and children. We take care of everything to ensure that campers enjoy their holidays to the full in a festive, joyful and relaxed atmosphere!